Welcome to the Saltburn Countryside Volunteers' website. We have worked very hard over the years to keep Riftswood from the viaduct to the sea looking like a natural, well maintained environment, but also accessible to those wanting to explore it.

We have done our best to keep pathways clear of obstructions such as fallen and overhanging branches and invasive plants like brambles and nettles. We do our best to supplement the work done by the Countryside Rangers, Gardeners and the Clean and Green Team, but accept that they are limited by budget cuts etc.

Much commercial work is being done in the valley at this time such as refurbishing the Albert Memorial steps and providing hand rails. Also other steps are being reset to improve safety and accessibility to the woodland areas. 

The volunteers have regular litter-picking sessions, especially around the Albert Memorial and Marske Mill where it accumulates on a regular basis. But, much of our work is much more pleasant and leads to an improvement in the overall appearance of the valley. In order to increase the biodiversity of the plants and wildlife, we try to cut and rake several areas. The main example is Mill Field Meadow which has been cut and cleared for about 5 years and is becoming and established wild-flower meadow. In future years we hope to extend this to Camp Bank, and the area around the Albert Memorial as well as the banks lining the pathways down to the sea-front. Unfortunately this requires a lot of physical effort for which we need as many volunteers as possible.  

Our Wildflower Meadow

ill Field Meadow by the railway viaduct has been cut regularly for the last 5 years to improve the wild flower environment. This requires cutting twice every year, first in the spring to reduce the growth of coarse grasses and then in the autumn to remove the growth after the flower seeds have fallen, to reduce the fertility of the soil. The Saltburn Countryside Volunteers supervise the mowing for the safety of the public visiting the area. We have just had the Spring cut done for 2018 and have been promised funds for the Autumn cut and clearing.